Value Added Services

PLAN-B aims to offers our customers a one stop shop for components sourcing as well as Value Added Services which include.
Electronic Testing Burn In Blacktop Testing Tape & Reel
Temperature Screening P.I.N.D. De-Cap Labeling
Programming Re-tinning
Lead Forming
Custom Testing
Temperature Cycling Marking Permanency Dry Packing Special Packaging
We help screen to MIL-STD-750 & 883.  Class level's S & B screening per method of 5004. Group A though D per method of 5005. 
Simple to complex Memory screening, Memory Modules, LSI, VLSI devices, & a  full range of semiconductors. Additionally memory erasing capabilities,
service mount and Axial tape & reel, re-tinning to MIL-STD-2002. We can help with over 500,000 burn in positions for all types and packages.

We also can provide third party services which are listed below.
Analysis, SEM Displays & Controllers: Modifications & Custom Off-Shore Sourcing Static Control Services (Surveys, Training & Prevention)
Anographics Drafting Oscillators, Custom Structured Cabling
ASIC Design Electromechanical Assembly Overlays, Custom Surface Mount Assembly
Assembly, General Electronic Data Interchange Packaging (Military or Other) Switch Assembly
Assembly, Gluing: UV|Epoxy EMI|RFI & Shielding Design Pad Printing Switch Design
Assembly, Liquid Crystal Display Engraving Painting Systems Integration
Assembly, Military|Aerospace Epoxy End Sealing & Potting Panel Design Tape & Reel
Assembly, Optical Bench Etching Panel Manufacturing Tape Slitting
Assembly, Specialty Products Excess Inventory Trade Particle Impact Noise Detection Testing (PIND) Terminal Blocks Assembly & Variation
Assembly, Through Hole Extrusions Partnering Test Fixtures
Automation Design Fabricating PCMCIA Manufacturing Testing to MIL-SPECs
Back Planes: Non-Standard Failure Analysis Photo Chemical Milling Testing, Board
Ball Grid Array Assembly Fans, Modification Photo Etching Testing, Burn-In
Ball Grid Array Rework Fastener Engineering Plastics & Rubber Design & Mfg. Testing, Cleanliness & Solderability
Bar Code Symbology Ferrite Core Machining, Custom Plastics: Stamping Testing, Compliance
Battery Assembly, Testing, Charging & Engineering Ferrite Cores: Modification & Custom Plating, Electroless Testing, Counterfeit Detection
Bin-Stocking Film to Video Tape Transfer Plating, Including Anodizing Testing, Custom
Bonded Inventory Filter Design & Modification PLD, CPLD & FPGA Programming Testing, Environmental
Bonding (Including Ultrasonic) Flexible Circuits: Design & Mfg. Pneumatic Tubing Harness Testing, Radiation Effects
Breadboarding & Board Stuffing Gate Array Design Potentiometer Assembly & Modification Thin Film Circuits Mfg.
Bridging, General Generator Turnkey Installation Power Board Assembly & Installation Tinning
Cabinets, Cases, Chassis, Boxes & Enclosures, Hardware Manufacturing, Custom Power Distribution & Control, Custom Tool Making
Cable & Harness Assembly Heat Treating Power Supplies, Custom & Modified Training, Assembly & Mfg.
Cable Assembly: Fiberoptic Hot Stamping Printed Circuit Board: Assembly Transformers Design & Winding, Custom
Cable Assembly: Molded Hybrid Circuit Assembly Printed Circuit Board: Design Turnkey Mfg.
Cable, Custom ICs, Custom Printed Circuit Board: Manufacturing Ultraviolet Systems & Supplies
Cable: Cabling, Trimming, Twisting ICs, Packaging Printed Circuit Board: Trace Repair Used Equipment Sales|Trade
CAE: Computer Aided Engineering ICs, Testing Printing, Custom Wafer Backgrinding & Polishing
Calibration: Instruments & Test Equip. IDC|Flat Cable Connector Assembly Private Labeling Wafer Dicing & Scribing
Capacitor Bridging, Sleeving & Marking Importing Product Design & Development Wafer Foundry
Castings Inductors, Custom Programming of PROMs, EPROMs Welding (Including Laser & Ultrasonic)
CCD Imaging Modification Industrial Design Prototypes Wire Braiding & Wrapping
Chip on Board Injection Molding Design & Production Purchasing Services Wire Dyeing & Color Coding
Chokes & Coils, Custom Internet Procurement Services Re-work Services Wire Stripping, Striping, Cutting & Terminating
Coating Just-In-Time Deliveries Rental: Instruments & Test-Equipment Wire Twisting
Coating, Conformal Kitting Repair of Equipment X-Ray Services
Coil Winding Labels & Nameplates, Custom Residual Gas Analysis
Computer Cable Installations Lamp Assembly Resistor & Network Trimming
Computer Modification Lead Forming RF Assembly: Coaxial Cable
Computer Programming Machine Shop (Precision & Thick Metal Parts) RF Testing
Computer Room Wiring Marking & Component Printing Sheet-Metal Shop (makes sheet-metal parts)
Computer Systems Design Mask Design & Production Shipping Services
Connector Assembly & Modification Materials Management Silkscreening
Consulting Memory Modules, Custom Sleeving & Tubing, Cutting & Marking
Contacts, Custom Meter Calibration & Scaling Socket Assembly & Modification
Contract Manufacturing, General Microprocessor Development Software Design & Maintenance
Contract Manufacturing, Lead-Free Motor Assembly & Modification Soldering & Desoldering
Crystals, Custom Motor Control Systems Sorting of Components
Die Cutting Multiplexed Data Bus, Custom Stampings
Disk Copying Off-Shore Assembly Standard Cell Programming