About Us

              PLAN-B GROUP is a Hybrid supply chain solution providing consulting services to Electronic Components, Aerospace, and Military Components and Hardware industries. Focusing in Hi-Rel, Military, and Aerospace level components. Including JAN, JANTX, JANTXV, and JANS level parts. Our NSN capabilities go from 1560 through 6240. Also AN AS MS NAS HLT HSTB BAC PE ASNA NSA ABS NA MA LN EN & more.

Standards include Boeing Douglas - Lockheed - Airbus - Embraer - Bombardier - Gulfstream - Rolls-Royce  Parts specialty include, Honeywell – Boing – SPS technologies Rockwell Collins – Bombardier – Textron Systems (Aviation & marine) - United Technologies – GE Aviation  – Raytheon – Lufthansa  Beechcraft – Cessna – BEA Systems – Embraer – Sikorsky - Bell Helicopter - General Dynamics & much more.