PLAN-B GROUP, LLC Is a Hybrid supply chain solution for the Electronic Components , Aerospace and Military Industry. We have been providing distribution-to-end user (OEM) solutions for clients who want to evolve their sourcing service of hard to find components to increase efficiency, lower costs and become more responsive. We are an independent stocking distributor that offers a single source for consulting, sourcing, building, and management of innovative sourcing solutions and Electronics and Aerospace services.

      Are Line's include IC's, Passive components, Interconnect products, Semiconductors, Computer chips, Military connectors, Military Components, Hardware,  Fiber optic wire, Terminal Blocks, Fuses, Dram's, Processors, Capacitors, Crystal & Oscillators, Diodes, Rectifiers, Insulators, Integrated Circuits, (IC's), Memory, Indicators, Relays, Resistors, Transient Voltage Protectors, Voltage regulators, Transistors Also Aerospace Components and Hardware and much more.
Our major customer areas are Consumer Electronics, Computer/Network, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Secure Systems, Industrial, Automotive and Military.